About Oxford University School

Welcome back, students and parents! If you are new to the OUS family or thinking about joining us, we extend a special welcome to a terrific thriving school where a quality education is a lifelong gift.

We encourage you to explore all the opportunities afforded you and your child at OUS.  As per our mission statement (shown below), we are dedicated to academic, physical and creative excellence.  Our students distinguish themselves in academics, leadership and service.

If you are exploring a placement for your child, feel free to visit our campus, meet the Eagle family and experience a day in the life of an OUS student.


Carolyn Davis, Head of School


IMG_0365MISSION:  Oxford University School is an independent day school dedicated to academic, physical, and creative excellence, while nurturing children to become leaders.  OUS inspires students to achieve their highest intellectual, social, and emotional potential.

VISION:  OUS will provide its students with the educational structure that will assure healthy emotional, mental, physical, social, and intellectual development and prepare its students to be contributing and productive members of society.  Dedicated administrators and faculty commit themselves to seeing each student succeed to the highest level of his or her potential, able to apply knowledge and skills through critical, independent thinking.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour please don't hesitate to contact us.

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