TOP TEN REASONS WE LOVE OUS (and know you will too!)

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New Blue OUS crest 2015

  1. Fully Accredited: OUS is the only independent day school in the greater Lafayette area to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  This prestigious accreditation means certified peace of mind for parents.
  2. Academic Achievement: We have a track record of academic excellence since 1984.  Students and teachers are able to follow a curriculum and are not dominated by testing schedules.  This offers teachers the ability to work at an individualized pace with each student to ensure that they comprehend and retain the information covered in each subject area. OUS offers a curriculum that challenges students to view learning as stimulating and rewarding while preparing them to realize and enjoy their full potential. Our ultimate goal is to produce lifelong learners.
  3. Small Classes: While we limit class size to 16, several of our classes have many fewer students.  Small class sizes mean more individualized attention for your child.
  4. Homework and Recess.   Small class sizes and individualized attention allow for most assignments to be completed at school, greatly reducing the typical homework load.  Students have daily recess and P.E. twice a week.
  5. Building a Solid Foundation.  Properly preparing for college begins with a solid early childhood education.  At OUS we teach your child to think and work independently, while fostering academic curiosity and providing the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed academically.
  6. Well-RoundedOUS students like coming to school.  Our specials, including P.E., Spanish, music and computer, make for a rich and rewarding learning environment.  Additionally, OUS is now offering extracurricular activities after school, namely Eagles on the Move, Cheerleading, Chess, Art and Drama. These after school activities assist OUS students in learning new skills and talents (or honing existing ones) in a structured, nurturing and fun environment.
  7. AffordableTuition starts as low as $40 per school day for full-time enrollment.  This is an excellent value when you consider the small class sizes, academic excellence, highly qualified teachers, specials, extracurricular activities and the wonderful sense of community here at OUS.  Around 15% of the student body received needs-based financial aid scholarships for the 2016-2017 school year.
  8. DiversityOur student body is diverse in race, ethnicity and customs.
  9. FacultyOUS has a wonderful, caring and experienced staff of certified teachers.  100% of OUS teachers are certified to teach in the state of Mississippi.  They have Class A, AA and AAA educator licenses.
  10.  More Like FamilyOUS is more like a family than an institution.  The small class sizes means that students have more opportunities to ask questions, contribute to discussions and get to know their teachers.

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