OUS Happenings in a New School Year

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August 10th was an amazing opening day for the OUS 2017-2018 school year.  We could feel the excitement in the air as students streamed into the building, greeting friends and hugging current and past teachers.

OUS has many new exciting things happening this school year.  First, the Boy Scouts would like to start a pack at the school and were impressed by the amount of interest they received at Meet the Teacher on Tuesday night.

Additionally, OUS will continue to have extracurricular activities after school to help students develop new skills or sharpen current skills while having fun.  Current offerings include Eagles on the Move, Chess, Cheer, Drama, and Art.

OUS will also have a Junior Beta Club this year.  This starts at 4th grade and encourages work ethic and achievement in the classroom.  Students that demonstrate academic excellence are nominated for the club.  This will offer students excellent leadership opportunities and service opportunities.

Last year was the first year of OUS Eagle Patrol. 4th graders and up were sworn in by the police department and received badges.  They helped with carpool line in the morning by walking the 3 and 4 year old students to their classroom.   The focus was on the older children being good citizens and good examples for the younger students.  This was a huge success and will continue this school year.

All elementary students will have a library period each week. Library skills are taught by Mrs. Carolyn Davis.  Kindergarten- 2nd students are challenged to read 100 books by the 100th day of school.  Grades 3 and up are challenged to read 100 chapters by the 100th day of school.

Art and music will be offered the entire year and is taught by Ms. Cindy Summerlin and Ms. Kathy Beasley respectively.  PE instruction is increased from 3 days to 5 days. Ms. Misty and Ms. Jerica will assist each grade level teacher.

We plan to have the Veterans Day Celebration, the Thanksgiving Play, the Christmas Play and Art Night this school year.

OUS continues to expand its STEAM curriculum this year by integrating STEAM activities and principles into each and every classroom.  This will be discussed more in the next blog post.





3 thoughts on “OUS Happenings in a New School Year

  1. We are so thrilled with the wonderfull things you do for and with these children at OUS. As parents of one of your teachers and grandparents of one of your four year old we feel so blessed to be a part of OUS.

  2. Doing great things at OUS!! So happy to hear about all upcoming events for school year. Keep it up Eagles!! Miss you all terribly

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