Early Childhood Development

In 3K and 4K, children experience a fun and inviting atmosphere that lays the foundation for success in the upper grades, as well as a lifelong love of learning.  The children's day includes math centers and manipulatives, reading readiness, science and social studies through thematic units, language arts and writing in order to hone their academic, social and fine motor skills.  Our teachers are experienced and certified in early childhood education.  Each classroom has a teacher and an assistant to ensure that each child is cared for and engaged throughout the entire school day. 

Grades K-8

OUS offers a challenging, well-rounded curriculum.  Subjects include language arts, reading, handwriting (cursive in 3rd grade and up), social studies and science.  STEAM principles are integrated into the curriculum.   

The culture at OUS is not dominated by standardized testing.  This frees up the time of the teachers to focus on valuable instructional time.  Class sizes are small, which gives teachers the ability to assess a student's ability in various areas and work one on one in them in areas where they may need extra attention. 

Special Subjects

OUS offers special subjects at OUS that are integrated into the students' weekly schedules.  These include music, art, Spanish, technology & PE. 


The music curriculum is an interactive program involving singing, listening, moving, and dancing.


Studies show that there is a correlation between art and other achievement.  Exposure to art education promotes self-directed learning and sharpens critical and creative skills.


Every student at OUS takes Spanish twice a week from Senor Edgar Serrano, who has a B.A in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Modern Languages from Ole Miss. He also teaches Spanish at The University of Mississippi.  The Spanish Program provides a fun and enriching environment where students obtain a foundation in vocabulary, communication and appreciation of different cultures.  Senor Edgar utilizes the Smartboard in his classroom. 


Students in first and up visit the computer lab twice a week.   Students progress from basic computer use to introductory web research to larger independent projects.  Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making are emphasized through activities such as web-based games, beginning programming, and group projects.  Very early, students learn keyboard basics and eventually begin working on their touch typing skills.


OUS students have PE twice a week.  Playing outside is important because it allows students an outlet to have fun and reduce stress while at the same time promoting health, physical fitness and self-discipline.